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Bowhunter Smokes 170-Inch Buck After It Walks Right Under His Box Blind

Big Buck
YouTube: Drury Outdoors

This big buck shows that hunting from a box blind isn't always easy.

In hunting, things rarely go the way we plan them. Or they become more difficult through an unexpected development while we're in the field. Maybe that big buck approaches from a different direction than anticipated or the weather takes a sudden turn for the worst.

It's important to always be ready to adapt on the fly to the curveballs that each day of hunting may throw at you. This video from the boys at Drury Outdoors demonstrates that well.

Scott Manifold is in Iowa on the first day of November hoping for a true giant to step out. He doesn't have to wait long before the buck shows himself, but in an unexpected twist, the buck closes the gap to the point where he is almost directly underneath the box blind Scott and his cameraman are sitting in!

It's safe to say these guys did not expect the buck to close that gap in such an extreme manner. This dream scenario could have turned into a nightmare had the buck winded or heard them scuffling around in the blind. It's very easy to spook a buck, especially one that big, at such a close distance.

Fortunately, it seems this box blind has been sound proofed to perfection as Scott and the cameraman were able to shift positions enough for Scott to get into position for a perfect shot on this deer. It appears this big boy never knew what hit him. Way to adapt to a difficult scenario there Scott!

This is truly what hunting November is all about. This is the time we wait for all year-round and we are just happy it is finally here. If Scott's video of this buck didn't pump you up for some deer hunting, we aren't sure what will. Congrats Scott, on an excellent buck!

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Bowhunter Smokes 170-Inch Buck After It Walks Right Under His Box Blind