Deer With Warts
YouTube: Tim Wells Bowhunter

Bowhunter Puts Wart-Covered Deer Out of Her Misery


This poor doe's ailment shows how cruel nature can be.

Just in time to cause some nightmares for Halloween is this video of a whitetail doe absolutely covered in disgusting warts or growths. This hunt features Tim Wells' daughter Sydnie. The father and daughter are out hunting when one of the strangest-looking deer you'll ever see starts strolling into bow range.

Once they spot it, there is no questioning this animal is suffering greatly from the warts that are covering much of her face and her eyes. There is only one humane thing to do, and that's put her out of her misery.

After the deer is recovered, they get an even better glance at just how bad this doe's wart problem was. This is one hunting video you should never watch while eating!


We must say we agree that putting this doe down was the correct call here. This poor deer's vision and ability to feed were likely affected by those disgusting warts. The one dangling from the side of her face was especially nasty. We cannot even imagine how painful some of these warts may have been.

Amazingly enough, warts on a deer are not that uncommon. The Quality Deer Management Association says these types of growths are usually Cutaneous fibromas. It's worth noting that the QDMA also says that these growths, which are caused by papilloma virus, are not usually detrimental to the animal's health.

That is, unless they began interfering with basic life functions like eating and breathing. There is a definite argument to be made that the doe Sydnie shot was living a miserable life with those huge growths on her face.

The QDMA notes that smaller fibromas should not affect the quality of the venison in the animal. However, we would not blame the Wells family if they didn't eat this deer. Some of those growths were large and rather nasty-looking. The one on the doe's face looks like it has some yellow pus leaking from it. It's likely the ones on her face were infected and would have killed the animal eventually anyway.


Good job on ending this animal's suffering Sydnie. Let's hope you never encounter another deer suffering from this condition again.

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