Bowhunter 8-Point
YouTube: Lampofilm

Bowhunter Smokes Wide-Racked 8-Pointer, Then Shares in the Recovery With His Dad

This big buck never knew what hit him.

In the hunting woods, we love it when a plan comes together, and all our hard work pays off for a buck we've been watching all season. It doesn't happen every day and that's why you need to savor it when the opportunity arises.  Once that big buck is on the ground, it's time to celebrate with friends and family.

That's what happens in today's video from YouTuber Lampofilm. He has his GoPro cameras set up to film his hunt from a couple different angles when a big shooter 8-point comes striding into view.

The over-the-shoulder camera captures his perfect shot on this beautiful buck. Thanks to some excellent shot placement, this buck never knew what hit him and he doesn't go far at all before piling up for a permanent dirt nap.

Now that's how it is done! A nice, wide 8-point that he has on trail camera previously. There is nothing quite as satisfying as having the deer you're looking for walk into the perfect shooting lane and offer a shot opportunity like this. It makes all the long hours of preparation before the season worth it.

That was a great shot and the buck seemed to never know what hit him. The shot appears to be a perfect pass-through and the buck bled out quickly. We love to see a quick, clean harvest like this. The thing that makes this hunt even better is how he brought his father along for the recovery and filmed the whole thing. Now they can relive this hunt over and over as the years go by.

We also appreciate the style of video here. We have come to enjoy videos without music so much more. It helps put you right there in the stand with the hunter at that exciting moment. It was just the hunting fix that we needed today.

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