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Sue The Dog Convinces Strangers to Play Fetch All Day Long

Border Collies are super smart, but Sue just may be the smartest dog ever. 

Border Collies have a reputation for being incredibly intelligent. They make great sheep herding dogs, are skilled in helping farmers, and totally rock in agility competitions. They're smart, learn really quickly, and are pretty easy to train. But Sue the Border Collie might just be the smartest dog ever.

Sue loves to play fetch. Like most Border Collies, she has lots of energy, and would be happy to play all day long if she could. Sue's owner, Kelly Dobbe, can't play fetch with Sue all day long, so Sue has found a solution to that problem: She gets other people to play with her.

Sound unbelievable? Then watch the video proof below!

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Dobbe explains that Sue barks to be let outside into their front yard each morning. She'll stay out there all day long and will toss her soccer ball over the fence, into the road. Then, Sue waits for a passer-by to throw the ball back into her yard, and she enthusiastically chases the ball when they do. Then, Sue repeats the process and waits for another person to come by.

Check it out from another angle:

Sue seems like a pretty resourceful dog - she's found a way to keep herself entertained, even if she doesn't know any of the people who happen to walk by her yard. She just might be the smartest dog ever.

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This article was originally published December 11, 2016.

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