Why You Should Use a Booking Agency for Hunting and Fishing Trips

The following is a sponsored post from Carl and CJ Brown of Remington Country Outfitters. For more information on setting up an outfitted hunting or fishing trip, see the contact information at the bottom of this post, or visit RemingtonCountry.com.

If you're thinking about starting to plan a once in a lifetime hunting or fishing trip, you might be asking yourself, "Where do I start?" and "How do I make sure I get the biggest bang for my buck?"

You have seen all of the great programs on TV; now it's going to be your turn to sit in your deer stand in Texas or cast a fly for salmon in Alaska.

The three questions most often asked are:

1. How do I pick the perfect outfitter to make my dream vacation a reality?

2. What does it cost?

3. What is included in the price?

Our advice: Choose a respected booking agency for hunting and fishing trips; they will help you locate and secure the right outfitter to ensure that your expectations are reached.

One of the most important responsibilities of your booking agency is to gather important details from you to make sure they match your expectations with the best outfitter to meet your needs.  Fill them in on information like: how big are the deer you are wanting to harvest, what is the outfitter's success rate, what gear do you need to bring, what is the best gun to select and how much ammo should you pack.

All are very good questions and the client deserves a straight answer to them all.

Working at Remington Country Outfitters (RCO), we are able to help a lot of people in all aspects of their planning.  'The staff at RCO are real professionals and will assist you every step of the way to ensure your trip is a success," according to RCO client, Ronnie Lambrich.

A good booking agency will know their outfitters on a first name basis.  They will know what species they offer and what you can expect in the quality and quantity of animals you are hunting. They will make sure that you are treated fairly and that everyone has a chance of filling their tag while having an enjoyable experience on their hunt.

Typically, inclusion in an outfitter's group, which is by invitation only with RCO, the outfitter must reach the highest level of safety and quality of experience.

The next most-asked questions are, "What does it cost, and what is included in my hunt?"

The outfitter will determine the cost of the hunt or fishing trip. The booking agent will know what is included and also what is not. They will be able to suggest best dates to go and help secure your reservations. Normally the outfitter will require a 50% deposit to secure the dates and the remainder will be due 60 days before your date of arrival.

Good outfitters can help make your travel arrangements, secure trip insurance, help you obtain your hunting licenses, provide up-to-date information on various gun laws and regulations, as well as provide detailed gear lists.

So if you are looking for a dangerous game hunt in Africa, a chance to hunt a white deer or elk, or harvest the grand slam of wild turkeys, using an outfitter to help you ensure the hunting or fishing trip that you deserve is a wise choice.