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Huge Buck Shot in Michigan Near 200 Inches

Take a gander at this huge buck shot in Michigan, and hear the unlikely story from the hunter who got it.

Jeff Toy decided that the cold weather wouldn't stop him from taking his father and teenage cousin hunting in Michigan's Cass County. According to, he didn't even intend on shooting a gun, but grabbed an extra one, a few shells and a gallon bucket to sit on while his family members hunted from his deer stands.

It's a good thing he did, because Toy encountered a possible record-breaking 12-point buck, that tipped the scales at 235 pounds.

Though the measurement was unofficial, the antler score was said to be somewhere between 190 and 200 inches.

Michigan Out-of-Doors TV caught up with Toy and asked about what he called the "nice, mature-bodied animal."

"Once I discovered the magnitude, I got excited," he said. "God put the deer in the right spot. It was dumb luck."

Since Toy hunts mostly to put food in the freezer, he wasn't totally aware of trophy calculation guidelines. Official weights and measurements have yet to be disclosed, and Toy is staying quiet about his deer until the numbers are revealed.


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Huge Buck Shot in Michigan Near 200 Inches