A Boeing Trailer is So Big, It Needs a Driver for its Rear Section

In this clip, watch a dual-driver truck/trailer combination vehicle cruise on the highway, carrying Boeing aircraft wings.

Each load of Boeing 747, 767, and 777 aircrafts parts are more than 100-feet long, and the route is popular along Interstates 405 and 5 in Washington State. So, if you're on the highway, look out. Well, you can't miss it anyways.

From the clip, two drivers are positioned, one in the "front" cab and a second driver operating a "steer car", positioned two-thirds of the way back. This ultra-low profile cab carries no brakes or turn signals, and its sole purpose is to help navigate turns.

Now, the obvious question: which driver is responsible in the event of an accident? Insurance agencies are going to have a field day with that.

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