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Bobcat Hunts Down a Fawn in Trail Camera Footage

A bobcat hunts down a fawn in rare footage.

You never know what kind of picture or video your trail camera is bound to capture. Occasionally, it's a blurry picture or it's a video that worth every penny you paid for that camera. In this thrilling chase where a bobcat hunts down a fawn, you surely will not be disappointed.

This is one of those predator versus prey videos that we can sometimes find disturbing when, in fact, it is just another day in the woods for this fawn and bobcat.

Watch the video:


As you saw, the fawn frantically tries to hide, but the aged bobcat is too cunning to let such a young dinner out of his grasp.

The evening video is almost something you might see off of a horror film which in the case for the fawn it ended up being pretty horrific.

This video appears to be taken on a logging road. Try different setups and see what works best for your area. You never know, you might just capture a showdown such this one.

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