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Hunter Calls Bobcat in Too Close for Comfort

A hunter calls a bobcat in with heart-pounding flourish.

Ben Schmidtke was hunting out of what appears to be a ground blind when this bobcat walks within a couple feet of where he is sitting. Schmidtke begins calling at the bobcat with what sounds like a distressed rodent call and the bobcat only becomes more curious and borderline too close for comfort.

A hunter calls sometimes not knowing how the animal will react which makes it all the more gut-wrenching out in the woods.

The bobcat can't decide what it wants to do and begins to circle the blind, and Schmidtke continues to peak the cat's curiosity, however, this time curiosity doesn't kill the cat.

You can also see several deer in the background not really having a clue what's happening because they throw their tails up, but still remain in the picture. Schmidtke has all the wildlife either confused or curious at the El Tesoro Ranch.

The bobcat at one point looks like it's going to peek it's head into the blind window to see what the noise it, but the video ends, and we'll have to just imagine what happened next.

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Hunter Calls Bobcat in Too Close for Comfort