Bobcat Hit By Prius, Goes For 50-Mile Ride

This lucky bobcat used up one of its nine lives to survive this car strike.

Incidents involving animals versus automobiles tend to result in nasty roadkill, but we've seen some tough, resilient wildlife lately. And that doesn't even include a buffalo or baby squirrels.

Last month, we heard about a Canadian driver who hit a coyote and the animal survived impaled in the grille for 20 miles. More recently, a Virginia woman hit a bobcat on her way to work, and took the wildcat on an unexpected ride... for 50 miles!

The woman knew that she had hit something during her commute, but it wasn't until she got to her destination that she found the bobcat lodged in the lower grille of her Toyota Prius. Upon finding the animal still alive, Richmond Animal Care and Control was contacted to help the animal out.

As it turns out, all that was holding the bobcat up was a wire and a piece of plastic. After sedating the animal, it was easily removed from the car, and miraculously he survived with only a minor cut on his back.

He was taken to a nearby wildlife center to be treated for his injuries and released back into the wild.