Mechanic Pulls Baby Squirrels Out of Wheel Well

These baby squirrels are nesting in an unlikely and dangerous place!

I've heard people say a mechanic's job is never dull. Especially not when one has to pull a bunch of baby squirrels out of their nest located in car's wheel well! This is probably one of the strangest repair jobs this guy has ever had to do.

What a bizarre place for a mother squirrel to decide to make a nest. You have to wonder what the animal was thinking when they chose that spot. Then again, I've seen squirrels do some pretty stupid things in the woods. (Like running into my ground blind and bumping its head!)

I do wonder what the whole story behind this video is. I'm betting the car's owner was relieved to find out that strange squeaking sound they were hearing wasn't a mechanical issue at all!

My hat's off to you Mr. Unnamed mechanic for dealing with a very unique car issue that would be enough to drive anyone nuts!