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Bobcat Attacks Tim Wells After He Shoots It With an Arrow

The key to bowhunting is getting as close as possible. And, no one is better at that than Tim Wells. It seems Wells finds himself in sticky situations quite often. After finding a bobcat track on a road, Wells finds himself tucked back in the thick brush waiting for a bobcat to show. With an electronic call doing its thing, scavenging birds begin to move in, which lets Tim know a predator is getting close. With the thick country, the bobcat is on him before he knows it, and it's in extremely close. Wells releases the arrow and connects with a good hit. Then things get hairy in a hurry.

Watch the video below:

With the hit, the bobcat begins to flop and try to break free from the arrow. With the close proximity of the wild animal, its jumping around leads it right toward Wells and almost in his lap. The bobcat out of reaction swipes at him with his paw, and Wells is glad it doesn't connect.

North America is home to a number of dangerous animals, some of which are predatory in nature, and others that simply wish to be left alone. However, even the species more prone to prey on other animals rarely attack hunters, as the number of animal attacks on hunters just short of nonexistent. But, the risk is always there, even with an animal like a bobcat.

As wild as this video is for entertainment purposes—largely because Wells walked away unharmed—it's also a lesson to never take our natural world lightly.

Relentless Pursuit always embraces living on the edge!

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