'Bobbie the Wonder Dog' Walked 2,500 Miles to Get Back Home

Dogs are incredible, but Bobbie The Wonder Dog showed how smart these animals really are!

Are you familiar with the story about Bobbie the Wonder Dog and his journey?  I used to live in Oregon, so the story is brought up there often on the news as Bobbie is a celebrity.

In the early 1920ss, Bobbie, a collie-shepherd mix, walked some 2,551 miles over a six-month period trying to get back to his family in Silverton, Oregon!

The Story of Bobbie The Wonder Dog

Bobbie lived in Silverton, Oregon. The Scotch Collie traveled with the Brazier family on a road trip across the country, heading for Wolcott, Indiana. When they stopped at a gas station in Indiana, a pack of dogs ran Bobbie off! The family looked everywhere but couldn't find him.

The family left without him!

His owners searched everywhere and put notices in the newspaper. Eventually, they made the hard decision to being their trip back to Oregon.

Six months later, Bobbie appears

Against all odds, he made it back home six months later. Elizabeth Brazier came out of their restaurant and saw Bobbie just walking down the street! He was all matted up and his toenails were worn down to almost nothing after he traveled the full 2,500 miles on foot, including crossing the Continental Divide.

The family rejoiced and fed him a sirloin and a big bowl of cream to get his strength back.

Bobbie's story makes national headlines

There were letters written to Bobbie from people all over the country. The story was in "Ripley's Believe It or Not," and Bobbie starred in a silent film called 'The Call of the West'. An annual tradition and pet parade now celebrates Bobbie.

After his death in 1927, Hollywood's famous Rin Tin Tin even traveled to Bobbie's grave at a pet cemetery to lay a wreath at the Oregon Humane Society in Portland, Oregon.

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This article was originally published August 25, 2020.

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