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Black Snake Photographed Slithering Over Sniper's Gun Barrel in Exercise

black snake sniper gun
USA Today

An epic photo surfaced of a black snake slithering over a sniper's gun barrel.

The photo surfaced during a training exercise at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. It contained an image of a black snake slithering across a sniper's gun barrel way out in the woods where the black snake is very common.

The sniper, however, never flinched. It's how the Alabama National Guard trains.

Snipers sometimes sit for hours on end without moving an inch. Similarly, this unique scenario is no different.

A southern black racer snake slithers across the barrel of junior U.S. Army National Guard sniper Pfc. William Snyder's...

Posted by Alabama National Guard on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thankfully, the snake isn't venomous, though. This is nothing more than a southern black racer, which is common to wood lots in states like Alabama, Florida and Georgia. The snake never knew the sniper was there.

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Black Snake Photographed Slithering Over Sniper's Gun Barrel in Exercise