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Giant Python Almost Strangles Goat When Villagers Step In

giant python attacks goat

This giant python nearly chokes this young goat to death.

Lucky for this young goat, the villagers intervened just in time before its ribs were crushed by the giant python.

What would you do in this instance?

Warning: This video is intense and viewer discretion is advised.

Even though the python constricted this goat until it was nearly dead, the villagers saved the day by smacking the python on the head with a large stick.

Not the most conducive way, but what can a man do? Too bad for the giant python because his meals were set for at least a week. Now that the python is gone maybe it won't bother the village anymore.

However, because the python is hungry and looking for a meal it could turn out to be much worse. The villagers better sleep with one eye open.

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Giant Python Almost Strangles Goat When Villagers Step In