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Queensland Chicken Wards off Sneaky Water Python

Queensland chicken

A Queensland chicken did her best to ward off a water python stealing her eggs.

Ms. Sandy Rewald of Townsville, Queensland noticed eggs were disappearing gradually out of a water pot in her backyard where her chicken had laid them. The Queensland chicken finally discovered the predator in the pot late one evening. Unfortunately, it appears as if she is too late.

The chicken whose name is ‘Chook Chook’ desperately fought of the water python as her owners cheered her on and watched in disbelief since it was too late.

“I knew those eggs were disappearing,” Ms. Rewald says as a clucking Chook Chook searches frantically for any eggs left intact.

“They were ready to hatch too.” Ms. Rewald’s son Fletcher says.

Ms. Rewald then goes on to say, “Sorry girl you lost your babies.”

Not all of us can have this much excitement in our backyard flower pot, but be on the lookout for these pesky thieves or they might just steal something from you too!

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Queensland Chicken Wards off Sneaky Water Python