black coyote

Black Coyote! Now, That is a Special Trophy

Killing a black coyote would be any predator hunter's dream, right? This guy lucked out.

Predator hunters are a different breed than most hunters. Doing anything to get the edge, hunting all through the night in chase of the next successful stand, decking out their equipment beyond belief.

Predator hunting is like a drug to them - one that they can't stop going after. But one thing with predator hunting is there isn't really a rare trophy so to speak like other types of hunting. Now sure, each animal is a trophy in itself, but with big game or deer hunting, you get unique racks. Waterfowl hunting has the leg and neck bands.

Predator hunting usually just gives you just the body size of animal to get excited about, unless you can find a black coyote like this one.

Rare and beautiful, Jon Collins seals the deal on this incredible coyote in Kentucky.

Rare, but not unheard of, you will occasionally see a coyote with this type of coat. And of course, we have come across some that are much darker than this one.

But that doesn't make this one any less special. Hopefully Jon gets a full body mount to remember this trophy and this textbook predator hunt.

Makes you want to get out there and call, doesn't it?

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