Black Bear Turkey Decoy
Facebook Screenshot: Mojo TV

Hunter Shoots Turkey, Only to Have Bear Attack Decoys Seconds Later

This hunter's turkey decoy may be a little worse for wear.

We see all kinds of wild hunting videos, but just when we think we've seen it all, someone films something new that makes our jaws drop again. Such is the case with this turkey hunting video.

We don't have a lot of background information on this one. From what we can surmise, it's a bowhunt happening in what appears to be high mountain country.

It starts like any other turkey hunting video you have probably seen. A group of three Toms has spotted this hunter's decoy, they've taken the bait, and they have strutted up to the phony bird. A few of them even seem to attack it.

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A few seconds later the hunter appears to take a shot and misses. Then he takes a second shot which looks to connect on one of the birds. After that the video takes an insane left turn.

This is one of those clips where you really, really need to wait for it. It's totally worth sitting through the whole minute and half video.

We have so many questions after this one. For one, was that a miss before the shot that seems to hit the bird? It's hard to tell. Secondly, when did they finally notice that rather large black bear was in the area? It seems it wasn't until after the second shot. Finally, did they ever recover the bird they shot? All in all, a rather wild video.

If you listen closely, the hunter clearly tries to ward the bear off immediately after the shot, without much success. At least the bear went after the turkey decoy instead of the bird the hunter shot. This may be one of the few times someone was happy their turkey didn't immediately flop on the spot.

We did have to laugh at how that bear was clearly puzzled upon catching his "prey." If it was filmed recently in the spring, he was probably hungry after emerging from hibernation and figured he had an easy meal. Looks like he'll have to look elsewhere for his turkey dinner!

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