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Meet Big John: Massive Belgian Draft Horse Rescued In The Nick Of Time

While Big John might not be the world's tallest horse, he is definitely massive.

Horse lovers can tell you there are some pretty large ponies out there. From Clydesdales to Belgian draft horses, these gentle giants may be large and in charge, but they are also ready to be your best friend. Many of them end up as rescue horses living out their lives, running through fields, and living their best lives. In fact, the world's biggest horse was a Belgian named Big Jake, who stood at 6' 11 inches, weighing 2,500 pounds, making him the largest living horse, until he passed in July 2001.

Another giant horse that is now trending on TikTok, thanks to Ohkaytacos, is Big John. Big John is a massive horse in his own right, albeit just shy of the Guinness World Records holder at 6' 8". This sweet boy is so tall that he just makes it through the barn door, but barely.

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Many Belgian draft horses are workhorses. They are used for pulling carts, among other tasks. Big John was rescued by Colby's Crew Rescue in April of 2001. He was an Amish working horse who had been dropped off at a horse auction.

When the rescue saw him, he was in pretty bad shape. The majestic horse TikTok has grown to love was a little worse for wear. He had scars from years of whip use and harnesses not fitting correctly. He also had many open wounds, blisters on his lips, and hooves that needed immediate attention. His jaw had healed improperly from a break. Overall, he was in incredibly poor condition, and sadly, many horses like this end up in slaughterhouses. However, the rescue saved the 24-year-old horse, got him to the vet, and began getting him in better shape with the help of donor sponsorships.

Big John is a sweet horse who is now getting the retired life he deserves at the rescue. The 24-year-old horse stands 20 hands tall at the withers. He is so tall that his ears touch the barn doors as he saunters out to the field. However, his large size and age don't stop him from frolicking around the fields like a foal. Big John is a massive horse with a heart of gold.

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