"Blue The Beast" Is Taking the Internet by Storm

Move over Clydesdales... Here comes the Belgian draft horse. While Clydesdales are fairly large (and popular) horses, their size is rivaled by another horse breed, the Belgian Draft horse. These horses stand at similar heights, 16 to 18 hands, but Belgians typically weigh about 1,000 to 2,000 pounds more than their Scottish cousins. One blue roan TikTok shows the world just how impressive these creatures can be.

In a trending video posted by horse trainer and eventing rider Grace Tronson, TikTok users get a glimpse of a massive blue-roan-colored Belgian Draft horse. This gorgeous horse is large and in charge, and he knows it. You don't have to be an equestrian to appreciate the majesty of this beauty.


He?s a beast? #stallon #blueroan

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In the short video, the Belgian Draft makes his way out of the barn with more confidence than a showjumping horse has during an event. This blue-roan-colored horse knows he owns the farm — He struts his stuff down the road like a dressage horse showing off what he's got.

The beautiful stallion is making huge waves on social media for his confident attitude and sheer muscular size. While self-proclaimed #horsegirl Grace Tronson does not actually own the horse, she specializes in #horsetraining and works with clients and her own horse's barrel racing.

Blue is not a working horse, though. Instead, the blue roan TikTok star spends his time hanging out in the pasture.


Reply to @bootyfuldaze I agree!! #stallon #blueroan

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Blue pulled in many comments from the TikTok peanut gallery, including concerns over his markings. Blue roans are known to have lines on their bodies. Many people were concerned that the markings were because of abuse. However, it is a part of the breed's pattern, as Grace explains in another video.

One of the best comments on this beautiful beast came from Bootyfuldaze, who said, "If Thor rode a horse, I feel like this would be the guy!! What a STUD," an assessment of this blue roan almost everyone could get behind.

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