Big Buck Heart Shot
YouTube: Chris Bee

Big Ohio Buck Goes Down Quickly on Perfectly Placed Heart Shot

This buck wasn't going far after a heart shot.

Ohio is the land of the giants when it comes to whitetails. If you needed further proof of that look no further than this video from YouTuber Chris Bee of his latest hunt in the Buckeye State. There is a big buck that has been coming to this spot like clockwork every night and Chris has a perfect ambush just laying in wait from a nearby stand.

It does not take long for the big 10-pointer to make his grand appearance. He quickly runs off a smaller 8-pointer before taking an arrow from Chris' bow.

The big buck does not go very far because Chris' shot placement here is a perfect one to the heart. The result is a 150-inch buck any hunter would be proud to shoot.

Some of the most rewarding hunts are the ones where a plan comes together quickly. This was an early season hunt which allowed Chris and his friends to perfectly pattern this buck's habits and set a trap for him. This is the kind of scenario we all dream about in our heads when we are heading into the woods. Not every hunter is able to make it happen though.

In any case, Chris' shot was right on the money to make a clean pass-through of the heart of this big buck. Frankly, we are amazed the deer ran as far as it did before going down. Truly a clean and ethical harvest. It is likely the buck never knew what hit him.

Scenarios like this are why you should dedicate a good part of your off-season to archery practice. So, when the moment of truth on a great buck like this arrives, you will be ready to make it happen quickly and humanely. Awesome shot Chris, and an incredible buck. We cannot wait to see what other deer you harvest this season!

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