19 Pointer
YouTube: Whitetail365

Urban Bowhunter Unexpectedly Bags Giant 19-Pointer on Camera

This 19-point buck gave the hunter quite a surprise.

In deer hunting, there are no guarantees. That buck you see today could disappear tomorrow, never to be seen ever again. Also, just because you messed up on a deer one day does not mean your season is ruined. Trust us on that one.

For further proof that the season isn't over until it's over, just watch this awesome urban hunt in Missouri from Whitetail365. Blake is coming off a bad miss of a large 10-pointer. Obviously, anyone would feel down after something like that.

However, his agony over the miss is quickly forgotten after a giant buck with a picket row fence of tines struts into bow range. He makes a perfect shot on this deer thinking it may be a nice eight point. Once they find the buck, he's shocked to discover he's just harvested the buck of a lifetime, an awesome 19-pointer!

What an awesome deer. Blake will probably hardly remember that miss of the 10-pointer in the years to come after this hunt. We speak from experience. I once missed a couple easy shots at a nice buck before bagging a bigger one a few days later. These days, I hardly ever recall that unlucky hunt. All the pain from the miss vanished instantly.

Once again, we're shown that there are some truly giant bucks growing in the urban areas around the country. For the few dedicated bowhunters who scout and find these animals, it can pay huge dividends. This deer was taken in St. Louis. Don't forget that this same area produced the iconic "Missouri Monarch," aka: the largest non-typical buck ever recorded back in the 1980s. It seems the area is still producing big non-typicals.

The lesson here is to never give up while the season is still going. No matter what happens, the winds could shift in your favor at any moment and turn an otherwise rough season into one to remember. Congrats on your great buck Blake!

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