Big Bobber Floating Cooler
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Big Bobber Cooler From Bass Pro Shops

The Big Bobber Floating Cooler has a place in our hearts that can't be denied.

Every once in a while, a product comes along that makes you both laugh and smile, then say "I have to have one!" When it's a fishing product, all the better.

Anybody that has floated one of these silly things alongside of the boat while out on the water has found out right away that it not only works, but garners a lot of attention from your neighbors.

You could be fishing from shore, swimming at the local pond, or relaxing by the pool, but nothing reaches the conversation piece level quite like the Big Bobber Cooler.

Sure, there are a lot of gag gifts out there, like silly t-shirts, off brand name fishing lures, and "World's Okayest Fisherman" coffee mugs, but at least this fun gadget takes care of your cold drinks for a day, serving a great, functional need.

Here's an ode to the Big Bobber, that one piece of fishing gear we've always wanted. It's time to honor this fun fishing item, then steal over to the Bass Pro Shops website and buy one.

The Big Bobber Floating Cooler

Maybe the best part of this kooky thing is that it's made in the U.s. This cooler has great customer reviews and it comes with a four-star rating.

You should know going in that this isn't a YETI, RTIC, or Igloo Cooler, meant to keep ice for days. Rather, it's for boating, kayaking, or maybe even beside your float tube to act as a floating ice chest for your drinks on a hot day. It's not inflatable, but instead gets its floating capabilities through the inherent nature of the polypropylene it's made of. As long as you don't overfill it, it will stay on the water's surface.

This red and white floating cooler will keep a 12 pack of cans cold for hours while looking like it was meant to be out on the water with its bright red and white bobber design. It is durable and lightweight and made of high impact polypropylene with UV stabilizers to prevent sun damage and fading. The cooler's dimensions measure 14'' x 14'' x 15-3/4''.

Not only that, but some folks have found it can actually serve as a real bobber, too.

The Last Word

While not everyone wants or needs the Big Bobber cooler, it's still fun to watch other folks have the time of they lives with one. It is available at your local Bass Pro Shop, Walmart, and on Amazon.

This turns out to be one of those great items that you didn't know you needed, but now have to have. Anyone who loves the great outdoors can use one of these silly coolers, but we have to say that they have a few issues.

It doesn't stay afloat with too much beer and ice, it can fill with water at times and even sink if you're not careful.

After that, this is the best ting for those that already have enough coffee mugs, t-shirts, and bandanas to last a lifetime

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