Igloo Ecocool

Igloo Releases New ECOCOOL Collection, the World's First Hard-Sided Coolers Made With Recycled Plastic

Igloo choose Earth Day 2021 for the official unveiling of the first coolers made entirely of recycled plastic.

Igloo has released its brand new ECOCOOL collection — known to be the world's first series of hardside coolers made with recycled plastic — alongside the new Packable Puffer cooler bags featuring unique REPREVE fabric and Primaloft insulation, both made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The ECOCOOL series includes five cooler styles, all of which are made entirely in the USA with recycled plastic resins. The ECOCOOL collection is made of the classic Little Playmate (7 quarts), plus a 30-Quart Cooler, 52-Quart Cooler, 60-Quart Roller Cooler, and the extra large 90-Quart Roller Cooler.

"Today marks an important day on our mission to become the most environmentally friendly cooler company on Earth," said Dave Allen, CEO and President of Igloo. "Igloo has achieved another 'industry first' with the introduction of our ECOCOOL line made with recycled plastic resins, but, most importantly, this accomplishment significantly lessens our impact on the planet."

The New Igloo ECOCOOL Cooler Collection

Igloo says they will utilize 58 tons (116,383 pounds) of recycled resin, which is equal to the landfill space of 10 football fields, with the initial production run of ECOCOOL products.

This collection release and effort is a continuation of Igloo's dedication to environmental solutions to what seem to be becoming big problems. Their 100% biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable RECOOL coolers emerged in 2019 as a welcome alternative to single-use polystyrene foam coolers, and their partnerships with orgs like Keep America Beautiful (which is getting 100% of their profits through April) and the Surfrider Foundation prove the steps Igloo is taking towards a better future.

They've even set the lofty goal of diverting five million post-consumer plastic bottles away from landfills by 2023. That's the sort of thing more companies should be focusing on. The "Leave No Trace" ethos of outdoorsmen and women can and should be applied to the impact businesses, both large and small, are making on the environment. If you aren't leaving things in a better condition than you found them in, you should be asking yourself whether or not there's more you can do.

Of all the meaningful initiatives companies can be a part of, Igloo is aligning themselves with ones that not only make a positive difference on the environment, but on their bottom line, too. When consumers buy in and buy up, it's a win-win.

To find out more and buy ECOCOOL, as well as Igloo's other eco-friendly products, check out IglooCoolers.com.