Big Baboon Shot Dead with a Blow Dart Gun

Here's something you don't see every day: a baboon killed with a blow dart.

When chasing wild game comes to mind, a baboon is not something that up very quickly in my brain. Many animals fall in line ahead of a baboon for animals to hunt on my dream list. Many, many animals.

But, to each his own. With that said, if you are going to harvest a baboon, it might as well be with a blow dart. Right?

Tim Wells travels to a game farm that raises many sought after hunting species. The baboons have invaded the area, and they are taking a liking to the new born calves of the operation. Somewhat similar to coyotes in the United States, baboons are predators in Africa and must be controlled, according to Tim.

This big male baboon takes a blow dart right to the heart from Wells and the rest is history.

Now that the lead male baboon has been taken from the group, the band of baboons should move from the territory and not cause the farm anymore trouble.

Hunting with a blow dart gun. Pretty crazy. Think of what a rush bow hunting is, and then multiply that feeling. Quite the feat for Mr. Wells.

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