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Rare Footage of Baboons Attacking Flamingos [VIDEO]

Baboons and flamingos usually live in peace. What happens when they get a little too close for comfort?

The two species live side by side in eastern Africa’s vast Great Rift Valley and pay little attention to one another.

When four million birds flock to Lake Borgoria, however, a group of baboons goes into attack mode.


Baboons are omnivorous and eat very little meat. The abundance of fruit and nuts in the area keep them from wanting to exert energy to hunt and catch the birds. The flamingos are usually pretty safe living in the same environment.

With such a massive flock, however, the pickings were easy. This footage of baboons attacking flamingos is the first of its kind and has biologists looking into the frequency and causes of the baboons’ behavior.

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Rare Footage of Baboons Attacking Flamingos [VIDEO]