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The 15 Best U.S. Destinations You Can Travel to Alone

American travel is changing as many people are becoming more and more inclined to travel solo. With convenient access to the online world, travel tips for safer and better adventures in America are right at our fingertips. With that being said, once you know how easy it actually is to travel alone, all you have to do next is pick your adventure. But what are the best U.S. destinations for solo travelers?

Although there are incredible things to behold in travel destinations like Canada, Mexico, or any country in Europe, there are also plenty of things to experience right here in the U.S. And what better way to start your solo travels by exploring areas right in your backyard?

15 Best US Destinations for Solo Travelers

1. San Francisco, California

Opt for this northern city in the West Coast instead of the usuals such as San Diego or Los Angeles. San Francisco is a diverse cultural melting pot that defines the regional Bay Area, complemented by its crisp year-round weather that makes for a charming place to visit. You don't need a group to travel with if you want to indulge in all the delicious foods or to visit the Golden Gate Bridge.

2. Miami, Florida

Interestingly enough, if you plan to travel alone, don't let lively cities such as Miami intimidate you. The best part about going to these energetic places alone is all the opportunities you'll get to meet new people that you wouldn't get to meet in your hometown. With all the street art and food to embrace in this colorful city, you'll be a lot busier than you think.

3. Brooklyn, New York

If you want to escape the busyness and crowdedness of New York City, head on over to Brooklyn nearby. Grab some iconic New York Pizza and check out popular local attractions such as Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, Prospect Park and more. Avoid the crowds and expenses of trying to catch a popular broadway show by attending a live music performance at one of the many intimate venues.

4. Boulder, Colorado

If you're searching for a solo trip full of outdoor adventures, consider Boulder, Colorado. Just a short distance away from Rocky Mountain National Park, you can go hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and more. But if you just want to enjoy the mountainous view of the area, there is a plethora of restaurants, shops, and street performers to behold. Stop by a local brewery and dive into the craft beer scene; as a solo traveler, you'll get to meet some other visitors along the way.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you're looking to submerge yourself in an incredibly cultural and vivacious city, then don't be afraid to take on New Orleans. Go to French Quarter to shop at the uniquely local boutiques or indulge in the iconic local cuisines. You don't have to go to Mardi Gras, but you can still check out the Bourbon Street jazz clubs at night or soak in the street performances throughout the day.

6. Portland, Oregon

This laid-back city is a great place to go to if you're looking for plenty of free things to do. Get lost in the largest independent bookstore in the U.S., Powell's City of Books or take on the hiking trails in Forest Park, the largest preserved natural area in the city. Save even more money by taking public transportation and hop on one of the streetcars to get around town.

7. Seattle, Washington

If you want to hit a city where you won't feel out of place for exploring on your own, Seattle should definitely be your choice. If you look around, you'll start to see that it's pretty common for people to dine alone or doing activities alone. You can check out the iconic Space Needle to behold the 360-degree panoramic views of the city. Stop by Pike Place Market or grab a coffee at one of the local cafes.

8. Austin, Texas

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If you're a true music lover, then Austin, Texas, is a great place for you to visit alone. Check out the active nightlife on 6th Street and Rainey Street, where you can find live music around any corner. If you're a foodie, then feast on some good Texas barbecue or the many fusion-type places throughout the city. If you want to check out more of the outdoor activities this city has to offer, hit up Zilker Park or Barton Springs.

9. Washington, D.C.

An underrated weekend getaway, the USA capital is a wonderful place to visit alone. You'll stay busy learning so much on walking tours with its 17 Smithsonian museums, art galleries, the National Zoo, and the National Mall. Of course you'll want to make a stop by the White House, but take the subway to explore some of the city's hip neighborhoods.

10. Boston, Massachusetts

If you're wanting to head out towards the East Coast, start up north in Boston. You can catch a baseball game at Fenway Park for a Red Sox game if you're a sports fan, or catch the sunset on a boat tour of Boston Harbor. There are also many historical tours and museums to take such as the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, Plimoth Plantation, and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum.

11. Honolulu, Hawaii

A typical bucket list destination for couples and families, Honolulu is actually a great place for solo travelers to go to. The city is actually less remote and more touristy, which is why the public transportation is more accessible to visitors. With waterfront dining and easy hiking trips to experience, you'll have so much to see. You can even plan a snorkeling trip and hit Hanauma Bay, one of the more popular snorkeling spots.

12. Flagstaff, Arizona

This Arizona city has it all for solo travelers looking for a little bit of everything. There's its historical downtown, the surrounding Ponderosa Pine forest, the Grand Canyon, Wupatki National Monument, and more just a 30-minute drive away. Sitting on the famed Route 66, it's a great stop for those who plan to road trip.

13. Asheville, North Carolina

An underrated small town, this city is a great place to travel alone to because its narrow sidewalks are lined with interesting boutiques, crowded cafes, and street performers. Check out the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar, where you can enjoy books, coffee, and brunch all in one sitting.

14. Charleston, South Carolina

Another great East Coast city to hit, submerge yourself in history and indulge in the Southern hospitality. You can cool off at the beach or sip some tea at the Charleston Tea Plantation. Or for a uniquely different experience, do yoga at a craft brewery.

15. Chicago, Illinois

If you're looking to do solo travel during the summer, then you should highly consider going to Chicago. Whether you're taking a weekend getaway or just doing a day trip, you have the best museums and parks to choose from. If you plan to spend a night or two in this big city, check out one of the comedy clubs like Second City and the Laugh Factory.

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