The 15 Best U.S. Cities for Women to Explore Solo

It's all in the research folks: solo travel is the new way to adventure. Better yet, female solo travel is actually the new wave. According to Forbes Magazine, more and more women are choosing to travel around the country, and they're also choosing to do it alone. Learning that there are, in fact, many other solo female travelers like me who have that appetite and hunger to explore, is encouraging and exciting. So where in America are they going? What are the best solo trips for women in the US?

As a veteran female solo traveler, I previously gave travel tips on how to embark on a new solitary adventure safely as a woman. But now that you know what you need to prepare for a solo vacation and what you should be aware of while traveling, it's time to pick where you want to visit!

You don't need anyone else to cross that West Coast road trip off of your bucket list. You can plan and enjoy an entire getaway by yourself, learning a few lessons about self-empowerment and life along the way. So if you're ready to take on the challenge, then check out this travel guide that lists some of the best US cities to visit for solo female travel.

Solo Trips for Women in the US: 15 American Travel Destinations

1. New York City, New York

Dive into the embodiment of city life by walking around the Big Apple. As "the City that Never Sleeps," you'll always have something to do, whether it's getting some New York style pizza during the day or catching a broadway show at a historic venue show at night. Learn what it feels like to be a native by taking New York's biggest form of public transportation: the subway.

What to Visit:

2. San Francisco, California

The Bay Area is one of the most charming places with its gorgeous, crisp weather all year round and acting as a melting pot of many diverse cultures. Take the BART public transport up and down the hills of the city, taking in the colorful buildings that closely line the streets. Choose to explore this refreshing city over visiting more overrated tourist spots such as Hollywood in Los Angeles.

What to Visit:

3. Seattle, Washington

Surrounded by mountains and water, this Pacific Northwest city has an endless amount of things to explore. Foodies can indulge in all the diverse food stalls and venues at markets, and hikers can partake in all kinds of outdoor activities. Grab a good cup of joe to start your day or to refresh you before you take on the nightlife.

What to Visit:

4. Washington, DC

A trip to the U.S.A. capital is more underrated than it should be. Yes, there is so much more to see than just the White House, but that's also why it's the perfect place for solo female travel. Its small structure is full of rich, historical architecture that is easy to walk to and from. Not to mention all the impressive museums and how most of them are free of admission.

What to Visit:

5. Boston, Massachusetts

As the oldest city in New England, Boston is actually pretty easy to explore despite its massive structure. Take a walking tour or opt for a trolley tour that will tell you more about the 400-year-old town's history. Gorge on some fresh lobster from the local markets, go hike a heritage trail, or go sail on the waterfront.

What to Visit:

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

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Embrace Creole and Cajun culture by submerging yourself in this lively city. Try the most tasteful foods as you walk through the historical streets of New Orleans, listening to live blues and jazz music played by bands that sit on the corners. Visit during the city's more popular events like Mardi Gras or the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

What to Visit:

7. Portland, Oregon

As one of the more artsy cities in the Pacific Northwest, Portland is the perfect place for a combined nature-loving and trendy experience. You can choose to hike through the lush, green parks or head into town for a coffee or local beer. Although the surrounding nature areas are what make Portland physically gorgeous, the city makes up for its appearance with its lively culture.

What to Visit:

8. Charleston, South Carolina

Escape to Charleston for a quieter getaway, immersing yourself in the city's elegant architecture and history. Recharge near the water by relaxing on a beach or going on one of the many boating and sailing tours. Wander around the city's prominent historical sites, where you can learn more about where the first shots of the Civil War rang out.

What to Visit:

9. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you're really trying to take a break from real life, then Hawaii is a great option for you. With all the diverse nationalities living on the state's islands, you'll find a different culture than what you're used to on the mainland. Honolulu is an urban oasis where you can enjoy the vastly gorgeous landscapes while seeing all the main city has to offer. Keep in mind that this isn't a place for a quick day trip!

What to Visit:

10. Miami, Florida

Las Vegas might be your first choice if you want to go where the parties are, but why not try Miami instead? Artsy and cultural, Miami has more to offer along with its prolific nightlife. Get a gourmet Cuban sandwich and intake the culture on the beaches, or dive into the street art and performances by walking around.

What to Visit:

11. Austin, Texas

The "Live Music Capital of the World" speaks for itself in its name if you're wanting to hang out down South. Get your fill of the diverse populations of artists, musicians, writers, and designers in a city where new murals are painted along building walls all across town. Go biking along the trails or kayaking in the many water areas.

What to Visit:

12. Nashville, Tennessee

As another great city for live music, Nashville is the place to dive in to experience the world of honky-tonk. Bring out the cowboy boots and go dance at a live show in a venue downtown or indulge in hearty, Southern comfort food with iconic hot chicken sandwiches and mac n' cheeses.

What to Visit:

13. Moab, Utah

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, then Moab is the place for you. A great area for all kinds of outdoor activities, this Utah city hits at least two national parks of the "Big 5." So if you like bouldering, hiking, kayaking, and/or camping, Moab is where you need to explore!

What to Visit:

14. Page, Arizona

In continuing the list of cities for those who love being outdoors, Page, Arizona is definitely a breathtaking place to behold. Explore the red rock canyons and formations as you hike the natural trails set ahead of you. This is also an easy area to get to know other travelers who are camping next to you.

What to Visit: 

15. Denver, Colorado

Travel to the "Mile High City" to get a fused experience of both nature and the city life. You can drive just outside of Denver to explore hiking trails in the mountainous regions or check out a local brewery downtown while enjoying the scenic view of the mountains from afar.

What to Visit:

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