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The Best Fishing Gifts of 2023, According to Real Anglers

Need a gift for an obsessed angler or fisherman? Our expert anglers shared their wish-list gear.

As an avid angler, a fishing gift doesn't get any better than spending some time on the water. Unfortunately, it's tricky to gift wrap a perfect morning casting off the banks of my favorite river.

Although I can't ask Santa for more hours with a fly rod in hand, I can ask him to get my brother that new reel he's been telling me about for five months that I know he'll never treat himself to. I also know my stepdad would love a surfcasting rod so he can fish while my mom reads on the beach. And treating my best friend to a pair of heated gloves to keep her warmer on our ice fishing adventures this winter is almost as good as planning the date itself.

In other words: the best fishing gifts for the men and women in your life are simply items that help them get out on the water more often, more comfortably, and with only one thing in mind: catching. These 19 fishing gifts for avid anglers and casual casters alike will help maximize your favorite angler's time at their go-to spots, and make their experiences outdoors even more enjoyable.

1. The Best Fly Rod Outfit for Beginner Fly Fishers

An Orvis fishing rod on an orange background

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Anyone new to fly fishing—or who may still be using their entry-level rod—will be absolutely stoked to unwrap an Orvis Clearwater outfit and put it to use when the rivers thaw. I upgraded to this exact set-up after my first few years of fishing and was blown away by how the Orvis rod casted farther, more smoothly, and had much better action than my old beginner's rod. After all, the best gift you can give a newbie is fewer hours cursing their setup and more time catching fish.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit - $419

2. A Long-Sleeve, UV-Protective Shirt For the Flats

A person wearing a light blue Columbia tshirt on a mint green background

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She's always dreaming up her next trip to the flats for bonefish or the next full-day float for massive browns. But does she have the right gear to protect her skin—and to look good while gripping and grinning? Columbia's PFG line is made with hardcore anglers in mind, and their Bahama long-sleeve shirt comes in eight great colors. It's UPF 50 for all-day protection out in the sun and has back vents and mesh lining to keep her comfortable when the time comes for that "this is it" cast.

Columbia PFG Bahama Long-Sleeve Shirt - $30

3. A Pair of Waders They'll Brag About

Simms G4Z Waders

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Simms is a beloved brand in the fly fishing space—especially their waders, which are almost universally considered "worth the cost." Waders are incredibly important, every angler realizes when the pair they're wearing springs a leak. Simms's new G4Zs feature the best of their multi-layer Goretex system that's durable and dependable, even when you wear them hard. And because they're made by hand in Bozeman, this pair is particularly special—something the special angler will certainly be proud of next time they meet up with the fishing crew.

Simms G4Z Waders - $800

4. High-Quality Sunglasses to See More Fish

Costa Del Mar Paunch

Costa Del Mar

Have you ever told your fishing buddy that the fish are right in front of him, and he's shouted back, "I can't see them!"? He needs a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, which are impact-resistant, have great lens clarity, and utilize tinted lenses to make natural colors pop. The sunglasses are also polarized, which means you can easily see fish hanging out below the water's surface.

Costa Del Mar Paunch 580P Polarized Sunglasses - from $171

5. A Hand Warmer That Doubles as a Charging Bank

Hand holding a green lighter on an orange background


Any cold-weather angler knows it can be difficult to warm your hands back up after dunking them down an ice fishing hole or exposing them to the elements. Zippo's rechargeable hand warmer is not only usable time and time again, but it also doubles as a charging bank—ideal considering how quickly phones drain in cold temps. At under $30, this compact hand warmer is worth it—trust us.

Zippo Black HeatBank 6 - $40

6. A Pair of Comfy, Waterproof Deck Boots

Xtratuf boots


Xtratuf's versatile Deck Boots—somewhere between a full-size rain boot and Crocs—are easy to slip on and totally waterproof, which means they're highly functional in the boat and easy to clean before you hop in the truck. Wear them anywhere from walking the dog to gardening to errands on rainy days, Xtratuf's deck boots are durable, stylish, and a great replacement for an angler's old, leaky boots.

Xtratuf Deck Boots - $105

Xtratuf Deck Boots - $70

7. An Award-Winning Filet Knife

Two knives placed on a blue and yellow background

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We all know the importance of a high-quality knife for turning a catch into dinner. If your dad filets fish with a flimsy knife, he'll love Knives of Alaska's filet knives. These knives will last an angler a lifetime, made from 440c steel which means they're highly weather-resistant, super strong, and quite stiff (the same steel most medical instruments are made from). Plus, they're made in America and guaranteed for life.

Knives of Alaska Fisherman's Combo - $163.40

8. An All-Natural Sunscreen Stick for Sunny Days

Three All Good Sunscreen sticks placed on an orange background

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This sunscreen stick is the perfect gift for the sunburnt angler who always forgets to bring their sunscreen when fishing. All Good's zinc-based sunscreen stick is small, easy to apply without getting your hands greasy, and eco-friendly. Best of all, the next time you take a pic of your friend holding a giant fish, they won't have a bright red sunglasses tan in the photo.

All Good Sunstick - from $8

9. The Best Sling Pack for Fly Fishing Gear

Person walking with a Fishpond Sling Pack on their back


Sometimes, an old backpack doesn't quite cut it on the river. Every angler from your mom to your brother or boyfriend will love to learn the way of a sling pack designed for fly fishing—they're easy to swivel from front to back to access gear then stash away. Fishpond's sling strap is designed for fly fishers, with front pockets for easy access to nippers and pliers; a front drop-down bench for lacing lures; and a secure, quick-grab net sleeve.

Fishpond 2.0 Summit Sling - $120

10. The Best Surf Fishing Rod for Saltwater Anglers

A series of St. Croix fishing rods on a blue and yellow background

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If your fishing buddy hooked you up this year and let you borrow his boat or put you on a ton of fish, maybe it's time to return the favor. This incredible surf fishing rod is pricey but worth every penny. Available in a variety of lengths and weights, this heavy rod in the 10- to 12-foot range can haul in everything from 100-pound black-tipped sharks to tarpon. Plus, St. Croix's warranty has your fishing buddy's back.

St. Croix Legend Surf Spinning Rod - from $500

11. Bucktails for the DIY Angler

A colorful series of bucktails on a mint green background

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Whether added to a silver spoon or turned into a fly, bucktail fur can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with a fish, fresh and saltwater alike. Bucktails come in a wide variety of colors and, for the crafty angler who likes to tie their own flies or lures, make for a great interactive gift. Heck—give them this and they'll probably tie you a few flies as a thank you.

White River Fly Shop Deer Bucktails - $13

12. An Iconic, Kid-Friendly Fishing Rod and Reel

A child holding a Barbie fishing rod


Whether you're looking to introduce your Barbie-loving child to fishing or play a little joke on your adult fishing buddy, Shakespeare's Mattel Barbie spincast combo is a popular and iconic fishing staple. For less than $20, this rod can actually catch a fish (even bass).

Shakespeare Mattel Barbie Kit 2'6 - $19

13. A Pair of High-Quality, Two-in-One Fishing Pliers and Nippers

Orvis's two-in-one Flow Hemo


Save your angler the frustration of having to dig around their fishing pack to find their tools: Orvis's two-in-one Flow Hemo features both pliers and nippers, plus it's got a handy clip so you can stick it on your belt loop. Plus, the Flow Hemo features a hook-eye-cleaning tool, too.

Orvis Flow Hemo - $35

14. Fingerless Merino Wool Gloves for Cold Fishing

Person using black fingerless gloves while pointing at a map


Anyone who fishes in cold weather knows trying to tie on a fly with gloves is hopeless. Fingerless gloves allow you to easily tie on new flies or lures, feel bites on your line, and unhook fish without needing to take your gloves off. Plus, wool stays warm even when it gets wet, making it the perfect material for cold-weather anglers to wear on their hands.

Minus33 Merino Wool 6610 Fingerless Glove - $20

15. A Wet Fly Selection for That Dream Alaska Trip

An assortment of wet flies in different colors from Umpqua

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Remote waters, untouched shorelines, king salmon—fly fishing in Alaska is every fly angler's dream. Let your dad, girlfriend, or fishing buddy know you're ready to stop talking and finally commit to an Alaskan adventure by gifting them the flies they'll need. This professionally tied selection includes 44 flies ranging from flashy streamers to salmon egg patterns that silver salmon and dolly varden can't resist.

Umpqua Alaska Guide Selections - $145

16. Literally the Best Fly Fishing Reel out There

Mirage Fly Reel


If you know someone wanting to catch stripers, tarpon, steelhead, king salmon, or even just big rainbows, treat them to a luxury fly reel. Orvis's Mirage reel is built with giant fish in mind. It comes in six different weights designed for a variety of fish. You can even get an extra spool for the reel so you can quickly swap out one fly line setup for another, depending on what's biting. This top-of-the-line reel will last a lifetime, and its exceptional quality is worth the price.

Orvis Mirage V Reel - from $579

17. An Assortment of Reliable and Effective Spoons

A series of silver and gold fishing spoons on a blue and yellow background

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If you know someone who has a hard time getting a fish to bite, consider getting them an assortment of Kastmaster lures. Even though they're nothing fancy, Kastmasters can catch almost any fish, especially when ice fishing. Any angler would be lucky to find a handful of these in their stocking.

Acme Kastmaster Spoon Kit - $21

18. A Functional, Attractive Wader Belt for Her

Person buckling a multicolored Fishe belt


Belts that come with waders are entirely functional, but they're not exactly a statement piece. If you're looking to treat someone to something "totally you" this winter, check out Fishewear's collection of wading belts. This women-owned company has handmade designs for many popular fish species, including steelhead, brook trout, stripers, redfish, and more—and they're ideal for men and women alike.

Fishe Wading Belts - $55

19. A Rod to Hook Into Perch, Bluegill, and Sunfish

St. Croix Panfish Series Spinning Rod

St. Croix

If you know someone who wants to get into fishing or a kiddo who's ready for an upgrade,, give them the gift of an ultralight panfish rod. This St. Croix rod comes in a wide variety of lengths, powers, and actions, so you can easily find the one that fits your fishing buddy best. After they unwrap this fishing rod, grab some panfish lures and take them out to your favorite panfish spot and watch their mind get blown while they fight yellow perch and sunfish.

St. Croix Panfish Series Spinning Rod - $120

20. An Awesome, Durable, Medium-Light Ice Fishing Rod

An Ugly Stik rod on a blue and yellow background

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Ugly Stik's GX2 is the perfect ice fishing rod for beginner ice fishers. This tough little rod can be put through the wringer and still land everything from 3-inch perch to 20-pound lake trout through the ice. Not only is it a great, budget-friendly introductory rod, but any angler who needs another go-to rod in their ice fishing arsenal will be impressed by the GX2.

Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Rod - from $25

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