A rare image of a Brown Trout that is being released back to the wild. This is an underwater shot that has been taken in a crystal clear river in Norway. Brown Trout are probably the most popular quary for fly fisherman world wide.
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The 15 Best Places for Trout Fishing in the U.S.

A day with gorgeous views, clean water, and promising catches awaits you.

From the West's storied trout rivers to classic New England streams, most U.S. states feature some iteration of trout water. The greatest concentration of trout streams is in the American West, but if you find yourself wondering, "Is there trout fishing near me?" you'll find options for wild or stocked fish in nearly every state.

I started fly fishing in Montana—trout heaven—as soon as I could hold a rod and have since spent more than 15 years fishing on six continents. If you're looking for a day on the water with gorgeous views, clean water, and promising trout fishing, here are a few key waterways for you to add to your list. There's likely one or two not far from you, and a couple that might be already on your fishing bucket list.

What Can I Expect Trout Fishing Near Me?

Throwing a fly, lure, or worm in the hope of catching a trout is a wonderful way to spend the day, whatever part of the continent you're currently on. It doesn't matter if you're a catch-and-release angler or looking for a stocked fish to slide into the frying pan, you can do it all wherever you go. Still, some spots are better for, say, chasing small-stream trout with a three-weight fly rod and a dry fly versus lake fishing with your old spinning rod while relaxing with friends, and you'll find all those options on this list

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Before you fish in any state, be sure to purchase a fishing license and read up on local fishing regulations. A great way to do this is to drop into a local fishing shop or outfitter, purchase a license, and get some local news on what's currently fishing well. Then head out onto the water and enjoy the fishing process.

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