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The 5 Best Double Sleeping Bags

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Double sleeping bags are perfect for many camping scenarios: couples (or kids) who like to sleep close to their partner or parent, or even for individuals who toss and turn a lot when sleeping. Kids who are tent camping for the first time may want to stay as close as possible to you throughout the night. A doublewide bag makes this possible! And for those who toss and turn at night, consider a spacious doublewide bag and also invest in a good camping pillow to make you more comfortable. Double sleeping bags also make great gear to have at home when guests need to spend the night. Regardless of your sleep situation, you'll be able to pick out one of the best double sleeping bags today.

We rounded up double sleeping bags perfect for camping duos who are hot sleepers, the camping duo that enjoys a wintertime getaway, and even for the kiddos who are camping for the first time this summer. We even made sure to include a sleeping bag that can detach into two separate sleeping bags, so you won't have to buy a single bag for solo trips. Double sleeping bags means less packing, so take advantage of having plenty of blanket area to cover you and your camping buddy.

1. Our Top Pick

Kelty Tru Comfort Doublewide 20 Sleeping Bag - Moosejaw, $209.95

Kelty's Tru Comfort sleeping bag will make you forget you're sleeping outside. The lightweight bag doesn't get too stuffy, as there are foot vents and a zip-off top to keep you cool. And yes, there are two built-in blankets. So couples (or siblings) won't have to give each other a hard time about the temperature. No one will be too cold or too hot. Campers up to 6'6'' will be able to enjoy this sleeping bag, too. You should stay warm and cozy up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, fans say it's so comfy. Many use it on top of an air mattress to stay off the cold ground. Consider doing this is if you're over folding sheets and blankets each morning. All you need to do is roll this up into the included stuff sack.

2. A Quality Sleeping Bag Under $100

Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 45 Big and Tall Double Adult Sleeping Bag - Amazon, $89.93

Coleman is a fan-favorite for good reason. Their camping gear is top-quality and is usually more affordable than their competitors. We included this sleeping bag due to its price and many specs you won't find in other double sleeping bags. Not only is it under $100, but it's a 3-in-1 bag, meaning you can separate it into 2 separate bags. Oh, don't act like you're on the fence about double sleeping bags. It may sound like a good idea to some, but if you hate sleeping close, you may not like it. Consider this pick just in case that happens, and so you'll have a quality sleeping bag for solo trips as well.

The polyester sleeping bag is a great fit for people up to 6'4'' and will keep you warm in temps as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. There's a built-in (detachable) sheet included but don't forget your pillows. After use, roll it into the stuff sack. Once you're home, you can put it in the washing machine. Kiss spot cleaning goodbye and give this bad boy a good cleaning.

3. Best Sleeping Bag for Winter Camping

Inferno Double Sleeping Bag - The North Face, $1,000

Even if you enjoy freezing temps, you'll wish you invested in a sleeping bag meant to keep you warm in freezing climates. $1,000 for a sleeping bag is very expensive, but well worth it when it's 15 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors. Split the cost between your partner or camping buddy so everyone can enjoy good sleep, even if snowflakes are present! The sleeping bag will also make a great investment for emergencies. If you lose power in the middle of winter, you can stay warm and cozy until power is restored.

This waterproof sleeping bag has lots of specs that make it worth every penny. There's a shockcord pad attachment on the back, a draft collar to retain warmth, and a fitted hood for extra warmth. If you really want to keep the cold out, you'll take advantage of all of these features (and more).

4. Best Sleeping Bag for Kids

oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag - Amazon, $37.99

Hopefully the kiddos aren't going on any camping trips in freezing cold temps anytime soon. Surely they'll enjoy those trips when they're much, much older! For now, introduce them to camping when it's warm out with a light breeze. This all-season camping bag will come in handy when temps may drop to 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit each night. Since young kids won't be sleeping outdoors when it's super cold, this is all they need for a good night's rest. One customer wrote, " It was around 60 degrees at night in Zion and it was comfortable with a light long sleeve shirt and pants."

The bag comes in several colors, perfect for kids who like to pick out their own camping gear. Consider also using it as an indoor sleeping bag for sleepovers, movie nights, and also for backyard camping nights. You can wipe it clean after each use.

5. Most Packable Option

SOULOUT Double Sleeping Bag Queen Size - Amazon, $49.99

Looking for a double sleeping bag you can carry around? Consider this 6-pound sleeping bag that fits into a compression sack. You likely won't be able to fit it into your backpack, but it'll be lightweight enough to carry for a few hours if needed. The sleeping bag is ideal for temps between 32 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit — perfect for spring, summer, and fall. The waterproof bag is designed to prevent dampness and sweat, so if it's a bit humid outdoors, you'll stay dry. Spot clean or machine wash when needed.