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5 Camping Pillows for a Great Night’s Sleep in the Great Outdoors

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There's no way around it — camping can be downright uncomfortable. Between infuriating mosquitos, sore feet after a long day on the trail, and the uneven ground that you set your tent on, these discomforts can add up. This is why investing in a comfy camping pillow will be one of the best choices you can make.

While a rolled up t-shirt works just fine for minimal campers, most of us prefer to lay our heads on something a little sturdier. Fortunately, camping pillows are highly portable, so you won't take up valuable space in your pack. While this also means that you won't be bringing along your luxury memory foam pillow from home, you can still find one that'll more than do the job. (Also, not only can you use these for camping, but they'll come in handy for quick naps in the car on long road trips.) So, if you're trying to avoid a sore neck in the morning, you've come to the right place. We searched Amazon and beyond for some of the best-regarded camping pillows on the market, and narrowed it down to our favorites. Here's a look at what we came up with. 

1. Best Inflatable Pillow

Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow - Amazon, $17.99

If you're looking for some serious comfort without using up too much space, this inflatable Trekology pillow is ultra-light, and easy to blow up when you're ready for bed. It folds down to 5x2 inches when you're ready to pack up in the morning, and the material is both soft on your face and water resistant. 

2. Best Luxury Pillow

Klymit Drift Camping Pillow - Amazon, $39.95

Okay, so I know I said you wouldn't be bringing memory foam to the campsite, but we couldn't resist with this one. The Klymit Drift camping pillow is full of shredded memory foam that'll ensure a lovely night of sleep, no matter how far out you are. The pillow case is reversible, with one side serving as a protective cover while on the move. When you're ready for bed, just flip the case around for a dreamily soft Jersey cotton liner. The trade-off here is that this is far from the most compact option you'll find, but it should still pack down small enough to fit in your backpack. 

3. A Comfy and Compact Flannel Option

REDCAMP Small Camping Pillow - Amazon, $14.99

There are few things that pair as well as camping and flannel, so you'll stay completely on brand with Redcamp camping pillow. The pillow is lightweight, super-soft, and easy to clean, and you can smush it down into the included carrying bag for portability. And, according to one reviewer, it's a great choice if inflatable pillows haven't worked well for you: "I always struggled with finding the right pillow for camping but this one is great. I bought one for me and my wife and we both loved ours. It's so much more supportive and natural feeling than the blow up kind."

4. A Stuffable Pillowcase for Backpacking

Rumpl Stuffable Pillowcase - Rumple, $35

I always like to include an option or two for backpackers looking to avoid overpacking, and this one fits the bill. Rather than bringing along a pillow that you'll have to compress just to fit, you can opt for this soft and compact stuffable pillowcase. All you need is the softest clothing you brought along, and you've got an instant pillow. While it might end up a little lumpier than some bulkier options, you can't do much better in terms of keeping things light. 

5. A Quality Pillow at a Bargain Price

NEMO Fillo Elite Pillow - NEMO, $49.95

The Nemo Fillo Elite is a favorite of campers all around, and it's earned all of its accolades. The pillow is made of post-consumer recycled material, and it's lined with jersey cotton fabric for all-night comfort. The cover is easily washable, and at just under three ounces, you won't even notice it in your pack.