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20 Camping Gift Ideas Sure to Impress Your Outdoorsy Friends and Family

We've spent a lot of time in a tent. Here are 20 gift ideas the camper in your life will use and love.

There are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors—hunting, fishing, birdwatching, even geocaching—and the best days outside often end with spending the night stargazing.

Whether or not you're a fan of camping, there's a good chance you have friends or family members who can't get enough of it. They're the ones who always have new photos to share of their latest camping trip or are quick to offer the best trail recommendations. They're nature lovers who are eager to be out in the fresh air and gather around the campfire at night—even if it's just in the backyard with the kids.

Fortunately, these folks are pretty easy to shop for: They want cool camping gear! If your dad is still using a tent that has seen a few seasons too many, now is the time to get him a new one that can weather many more trips to come. Or maybe your sister's well-worn hiking boots are holding on by a thread; do her feet a favor and gift her a newer, more-comfortable pair (bonus points if they're waterproof!).

We've compiled a list of useful and highly rated gifts for your favorite outdoorsy people so you can give them something that will enhance their next camping adventure. Here are some of the best camping gifts for men and women who love hitting the trails and sleeping outside.

1. The Best Camp Chair for Snuggling

Two people sitting in a green camping loveseat, with a dog lying on a green mat next to them


Some of the best parts of camping trips are the relaxing evenings, when you can unwind fireside as the sun dips below the horizon. The only thing to make it better: Snuggling up next to that special someone—be it your best friend, your love, or your pup. The Kelty Low Loveseat is a roomy, cushioned two-person camp chair that sits low for max relaxation after a long day outside and prime fireside warmth. With double cup holders on each side, quilted padded comfort across both seats, and a roll-tote for easy storage and transportation, it's truly one of the best camping chairs out there.

Kelty Low Loveseat - $140

2. A Lightweight Camp Stove for Hot Meals

Person sitting on a ledge next to a CampChef Stove

Camp Chef

Camp stoves are notoriously a pain in the derriere, so any person who loves camping will deeply appreciate the Camp Chef Mountaineer. Easy to open with its suitcase-style latching lid (which also serves as a windscreen), the Mountaineer features full aluminum construction that's lightweight to transport yet hardy enough to withstand whatever the trip throws at you. Up for a variety of adventures, this two-burner camp stove brings the heat and is backed by a reliable brand reputation.

Camp Chef Mountaineer - $390

3. A Pair of Binoculars for Birdwatching

A person holding up a pair of teal binoculars

Nocs Provisions

These colorful binoculars from Nocs Provisions are a great choice for campers who are into birdwatching or just taking in far-away landscapes. They're fairly lightweight, waterproof and fog-proof, easily portable with the carry strap and pouch, and simple to use. Plus, they're covered with Nocs Provisions' "No-Matter-What" Lifetime Warranty against defects, so it'll be with them for the long haul.

Nocs Provisions Field Issue 10x32 Binoculars - $175

4. A Rad, Organized Camp Kitchen Box

A green box with tools inside of it on a green background

Wide Open Spaces

It's all too easy to get disorganized with a car or RV full of gear, but a portable camp kitchen box is the solution to cookware and cutlery chaos. The Chuck Box Camp Kitchen is the only tool a camper needs for organizing, storing, and transporting all cooking essentials. We know, it's a bit pricey—but it's also made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Yoke Outdoors Chuck Box Camp Kitchen - $359

5. The Best Fishing Rod for Catching Dinner

A person holding a black and wooden Ugly Stik Fishing Rod

Ugly Stik

Built to last for years, the Elite Spinning Rod from Ugly Stik is one of the best fishing rods you can get at such an affordable price. It's just the right piece of gear to give an avid outdoorsperson who believes that the long days outside should end with fresh-caught dinner. Equipped with a durable cork handle and sensitive rod that can pick up on even minute vibrations in the water, this Ugly Stik makes for happy campers.

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod - from $50

6. The Best Leash for Dogs at Camp

A tan dog sitting on a blue mat, connected to a red camping leash


If your friend or family member loves bringing their pup along on outdoor adventures, a strong and durable leash is one of the best outdoor gifts. Whether they string it between a couple of trees or tie it to one solid post, the Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch will keep their pet safe and secure, while the swiveling carabiner allows dogs the freedom to walk about without causing campsite chaos. As a bonus, it's reflective, so people won't trip over it once the sun goes down.

Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch - $80

7. An Uber-Comfy Sleeping Bag for Chilly Nights

A person inside a camping tent sleeping with a green sleeping bag


With a canvas exterior and polyester lining, this Klymit Big Cottonwood 0 Sleeping Bag is tough on the outside and soft on the inside. It's also stuffed with high-loft insulation, so it'll stay warm in temperatures down to zero degrees Fahrenheit; and it has a rectangular shape for a roomier fit. For extra warmth, it can even be zipped together with a second sleeping bag for cuddling with a special someone.

Klymit Big Cottonwood 0 Sleeping Bag - from $172.50

8. A Quick and Reliable Campfire Starter

A box of firestarter

Wide Open Spaces

Morning or night, a fire is important for cooking meals and bringing everyone together at the campsite—and a campfire starter can quickly get those flames crackling. The Lightning Nugget Firestarters, made of pine shavings held together by wax, are an affordable and reliable option for newbies and seasoned outdoorsmen who want to build a fire in record time. They have an unlimited shelf life; and a pack of 12 nuggets weighs just 10 ounces, making them lightweight and easily portable for car camping or weekend backpacking trips.

Lightning Nugget Firestarters - from $15

9. A Reliable Tent for Sound Sleep

Mountain Hardwear Mineral 3 Tent

Mountain Hardwear

Unless you're a fan of cowboy camping, a reliable shelter is a critical part of sleeping outside. A water-repelling tent is among the best rain gear you can buy for a camping trip, especially if wet weather is in the forecast. Having tested the Mountain Hardwear Mineral King 3 Tent firsthand, I can attest that it provides a roomy space to sprawl out (it fits up to three people) with none of the frustration that comes with setting up a complicated shelter. Give this tent to your favorite camper, and they'll love you forever.

Mountain Hardwear Mineral King 3 Tent - from $243.75

10. The Best Heated Jacket for Cold-Weather Camping

Person walking on a road while wearing an Ororo jacket


A heated jacket is a fantastic piece of gear to have on cold mornings and evenings around the campsite. The Ororo Classic Heated Jacket is our favorite pick for its wind- and water-resistant material, three heat settings, and a battery that keeps its charge for up to 10 hours. Bonus: It even has a USB port for charging cellphones and other devices.

Ororo Classic Heated Jacket - $160

11. A Pair of All-Weather Hiking Boots

La Sportiva Nucleo High II GTX

Wide Open Spaces

It's always exciting to unwrap a new pair of shoes, and it's extra meaningful to outdoorsy folks who spend long days on their feet exploring the trails. The Nucleo High II GTX hiking boots by La Sportiva are waterproof yet breathable, boasting grippy soles that are perfect for hoofing it through a variety of terrain. They're also well suited to a variety of foot sizes, as they're available in a wide version that offers a little extra roominess.

La Sportiva Nucleo High II GTX - $179.25

12. A Water Filter for Safely Refilling at the Stream

Person drinking from a Platypus water bottle


The Platypus Quickdraw is perfect for those who love camping lakeside or streamside. Any outdoorsperson would appreciate this gift, which allows you to refresh your water supply with peace of mind. Featuring a 3-liter-per-minute flow rate when squeezed, it's simple to use and quickly produces clean, safe drinking water for refilling water bottles or brewing morning coffee for the group.

Platypus Quickdraw Microfilter System - $50

13. A Pair of Sturdy Trekking Poles

Person in red jacket holding red and black trekking poles in the snow


Trekking poles aren't just for senior hikers or those with knee issues; they're for anyone who enjoys extra support on walks—and a decent arm workout at the same time! Whether conditions are dry, rainy, or snowy, the adjustable and easily packable Dynalock Explore Poles by MSR are excellent companions for women who love to hike in all types of weather. They even come with small basket attachments for peaceful snowshoe walks in the winter.

MSR Dynalock Explore Poles - from $110

14. A Sweet Treat for Two

A package of Backpacker's Pantry Dark Chocolate Cheesecake on a green background

Wide Open Spaces

Looking for an affordable stocking stuffer gift idea? After burning calories in the fresh air all day, campers crave food with flavor and substance. Backpacker's Pantry makes an array of delicious freeze-dried meals for fast cooking at the campsite, and their Dark Chocolate Cheesecake is great for campers who have a sweet tooth. All this two-serving dessert needs is a splash of cold water and a good stir to be ready to enjoy.

Backpacker's Pantry Dark Chocolate Cheesecake - from $6

15. Stylish Sunglasses for Squint-Free Hiking

Person wearing Camp Trail sunglasses in front of a series of rocks


CAMP Trail sunglasses are a stylish-yet-rugged option for camping adventures out in the woods or in the backyard. Not only do these shades look great in photos, but they offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. And they're durable enough to handle rough treatment both on land and on water thanks to their plant-based bioplastic body and stainless steel spring hinges. They even come with an adorable sleeping bag travel pouch.

CAMP Trail Sunglasses - $79

16. A Dimmable, Multi-Colored Waterproof Lantern

A lamp glowing in white, purple, and blue light


Headlamps are great, but having a lantern at camp is the real pro move to shed more light while cooking, reading, or playing cards. BioLite is a mission-driven company that makes quality products, and the Alpenglow in particular is a lantern that can get ridiculously bright but also can be dimmed low to set the mood. Plus, it has the ability to change colors and even flicker like a candle. It's waterproof and can hang from the roof of a tent, and you can even charge your phone with it.

Biolite Alpenglow 500 - $60

17. A Headlamp to Light Up the Night

Black headlamp placed over a light green background

Wide Open Spaces

Every camper knows what it's like to set up a campsite while racing the setting sun. Light up your favorite outdoorsy friend's life with the Black Diamond Spot 400 Headlamp. This simple-to-use, lightweight headlamp features a stretchy and adjustable band and a handy lock setting that keeps it from accidentally turning on and burning through its battery while stuffed in a pocket. With 400-lumen lights, it's the next best thing to night vision.

Black Diamond Spot 400 Headlamp - from $40

18. A Portable and Smoke-Free Outdoor Fire Pit

Two people sitting in front of a parked trailer behind a Solo Stove campfire

Solo Stove

The Solo Stove Ranger 2.0 is a portable fire pit that makes it possible for campers to enjoy a fire without needing to move every time the wind blows smoke in their direction. In addition to the easy setup, the removable base plate and ash pan also make cleaning up quick and mess-free. It's one of the best camping gift ideas for people who like their s'mores sans smoke.

Solo Stove Ranger 2.0 - from $185.50

19. Durable, Heat-Retaining Camp Booties

Person's feet dangling while wearing the Outdoor Research Tundra Trax Booties

Outdoor Research

Slippers are a great generic gift—who doesn't want warm and cozy feet? But for campers, it's important to have an option that's water-resistant and durable. Our suggestion: Outdoor Research Tundra Trax Booties, which are designed with puffy, heat-retaining materials and a tough, no-slip rubber sole for walking on dirt and gravel. They're perfect for hanging out at the cabin or shuffling around the campsite.

Outdoor Research Tundra Trax Booties - $99

20. A Knife That Can Also Start Your Campfire

Outdoor Element knife collaged over a green background

Wide Open Spaces

One of the most versatile tools you can bring on a camping trip is a trusty pocket knife. The Quick Feather is an everyday-carry folding pocket knife with a tri-serrated section for sawing through extra-tough materials. And no need to worry if you left the lighter at home—by striking the 90-degree edge on the spine against a ferro rod, you'll be able to spark up a campfire in seconds. It's a great choice for the camper who likes to be prepared for anything.

Outdoor Element Quick Feather - $45

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