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Have A Beard That Needs Taming? Try Mossy Oak Beard Oil

American Beard Company

Are you a hunter with a serious beard that needs taming? Try the new Mossy Oak beard oil, which is scentless and specifically designed for hunters.

The new Mossy Oak beard oil is designed to tame wild hairs, soften your beard, and relieve itching caused by dry, flaky skin. In addition to all of this, Mossy Oak beard oil is scentless and is designed specifically for hunters and other lovers of the outdoors.

Mossy Oak beard oil is made with a blend of Jojoba seed oil and Argon kernel oil, both of which are proven to moisturize hair and skin, stimulate hair growth, eliminate itchy, dry, and flaky skin in order to give you a healthy beard.

Since the beard oil formula is scentless, you won’t have to worry about ruining your scent control routine or having a deer wind you during a stalk because it smelled an artificial fragrance.

Manufactured by the American Beard Company, Mossy Oak beard oil is available from their website and from Amazon. For a limited time, you can receive a 15 percent discount on your order of Mossy Oak beard oil by using the discount code “MOBEARDS” when you place your order.

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Have A Beard That Needs Taming? Try Mossy Oak Beard Oil