Twitter Screenshot: Rafa Elorduy

Bear Stands Behind Woman, She Fearlessly Snaps a Selfie With It

This woman's extreme close encountdoner with a bear has gone wildly viral.

When it comes to bears, most experts agree that the last thing you should do when you encounter one is to run. It can trigger the animal's natural predatory instincts and make you an unwanted victim of an attack. Of course, staying calm when a bear is right on top of you is easier said than done.

In a wild viral video that hit the web this weekend, one woman has what a black bear approach insanely close.

Instead of panicking, the woman stands insanely still, but still manages to capture a selfie of a most unbelievable wildlife encounter!

Fox News reports that the clips appear to have originated in Mexico, more specifically, at the Chipinque Ecological Park. The park later posted a statement to their website stating how relief that the incident ended with injury to neither human nor bear.

However, they also noted that the behavior of the animal is abnormal and that it could have been avoided simply by moving away from the animal. The park says they will take undefined measures against the people who appeared in the video. This video also prompted the park to link to a page about how to deal with human/bear encounters in the wild.

One thing is for sure, the woman was fortunate that this encounter ended so well. It easily could have been much, much worse. We cannot recommend the actions of the people in this video, but at least it worked out in the end.

The selfie the woman took with the bear was also shared on Twitter by numerous accounts. The two videos, from different angles of the bear encounter have thus been shared and viewed millions of times on social media channels, garnering new interest in the park.

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