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Police Help Mama Bear Get All Her Cubs Across the Street in Heartwarming Video

A black bear mother and cubs had some police assistance in crossing a road in this endearing video, but the mom had a tough time keeping her four cubs in tow.

Here's a genuinely heartwarming video taken by Jane Langmaid of New Hampshire. Langmaid was filming from some distance behind the police vehicle and another car as a black bear mother and four of her small cubs attempted to cross the road.

The family had a little assistance from the local police as you can see; an officer in blaze yellow jacket has stopped traffic to allow the bears to cross the road without danger to either the bears or to traveling vehicles.

Trouble is, mama bear is having some problem getting all of her cubs to cross the road together.

You can see that one of the little cubs appears to be slower than the other three. Langmaid added some extensive notes to the video after it began to go viral, including commenting on the family, as she apparently lives in the area and has some intimate knowledge of the wildlife there.

She said, "When I made this video, one runt was already in Lyme NH Bear rehab so there are 4 cubs here... the mother is trying to move from the right side to the left side...she wants all 4 cubs to remain with her...the problem is that 1 of the 4 is also very weak/a runt."

Yes, the little guy seems to be having some trouble keeping up with its siblings, and so the bear mother goes back and forth several times to try to get everyone to cross together. It is interesting to note how the sow appears to show no aggressiveness to the police officer.

Langmaid continues, "I later learned that the family of 4 (mom + 3 lively cubs) did have to leave this runt... therefore the police did connect runt #4 with the Lyme NH Rehab as well, where sibling #5 already was."

The mother bear's behavior here is both adorable and revealing of her concern for her young. And kudos to the police officer who lent a hand.

Langmaid indicates that the location of the crossing is "Base Road, Bretton Woods, Town of Carroll, New Hampshire, White Mountain National Forest (more than 750,000+ acres of protected wilderness)." 

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