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Cows Team Up to Put the Beat-Down on Bear


A few members from a small herd of cows joined together to fend off a hungry bear, causing the bear to limp away to lick his wounded pride.

This is a very interesting encounter between predator and prey animals. A hungry black bear attempted to attack a weakling in a herd of cows, but the cows fought back!

The event occurred in Eastern Oregon when a lucky rancher happened to be in the field with his herd and a bear attacked. The rancher quickly grabbed his camera when he saw what was happening. He was fortunate to snap these few photographs.

One cow went so far as to aggressively head butt the bear, taking it off its feet!

Another cow joined the fray and the two bovines sandwiched the bear between their heads, like a wrestling tag team. They gave the bear such a rough time that the bruin decided that this dinner wasn't worth getting beat up for, and off he limped.

Here is the sequence of photos:


This looks like a case of the bully getting his comeuppance. The rancher must be proud of his herd, the way the banded together to fend off a potential life threatening adversary.

All photos via Facebook.

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Cows Team Up to Put the Beat-Down on Bear