Bear Hit in Junk
YouTube: 1bigdust72

Bear Accidentally Hits Self in the Junk With Hose While Using Post as Back Scratcher

And you thought you were having a bad day.

Everyone has their bad days, even members of the animal kingdom. Which may seem hard to believe if the animal is a bear. After all, bears get to do basically anything they want. They eat whatever they want, go wherever they want, and they get to sleep all winter. Sounds like a pretty good life doesn't it?

Well, sometimes even a bear has a really bad day, and this trail camera footage proves it. Bears love themselves a good back scratch and this is usually done on trees. The male bruin in this video has chosen a short piece of fence near a human's water tank instead.

The bear is enjoying himself so much, he does not realize he is in for trouble with a piece of hose draped over the fence. In one swift movement, the hose comes whipping off the top of the fence, hitting the poor bear in an extremely sensitive area!

Every male on the planet can sympathize with this bruin accidentally nailing himself with a perfect nut shot with a piece of hose. Ouch. That sure put an end to his back scratching activity quickly. We know we should not laugh at it, but those few awkward steps before collapsing to the ground in the pure agony and pain are so relatable and it does garner a few chuckles out of us. Of course, for guys, it is always funny when it happens to anyone but yourself.

At the same time, we will not feel bad about falling to the ground in agony, and yes, maybe crying a little the next time this happens to us. If it can put a full-grown black bear on the ground, our pain is totally justified.

There is not a whole lot of other information with this video. The video's title simply labels it as "instant karma" because the animal had apparently been messing around with this water tank for some time. We must believe that this was the last time he used this fence as a back scratcher. Stick to trees dude!

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