clown vs. bear
Facebook: Larry Ogle

Man Uses Scary Clown to Deter Bears From Eating His Trash

We're sure the bear in this awesome video wet itself after a maniacal clown suddenly came to life!

You have to hand it to Larry Ogle. He definitely went above and beyond in terms of creativity when it came to deterring a trash-tampering black bear.

Ogle, who hails from Roanoke, Virginia, figured most humans have a genetic fear of clowns, so why shouldn't a bear?

As you'll see in this hilarious trail camera footage, Ogle rigged a realistic-looking clown to the side of his dumpster. It looks like one of those creepy Halloween decorations.

Motion-activated, this scary circus creature suddenly comes to life at the perfect moment... and proceeds to scare the stuffing out this bruin.

Turn your speakers up for this awesome prank:

How's that for turning the tables on a bear? Love it!

The date of that first video was May 2. It would appear this bear decided to lay low for the next five days, but paid Ogle's dumpster another visit May 7. We're guessing a bear's memory isn't the greatest.

Larry gets the tip of our Wide Open Spaces cap for what is likely the most creative bear "trap" we've come across. And we're fairly certain it would work equally well on any nosey neighbors, too.

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