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Tiny Bear Cub Cries Out to Mom for Help Crossing the Road

bear cub
Kelsy VonKaenel / Facebook

This video is simply precious, and boy can a bear cub cry when it wants to!

If this video is any indication, it looks as though black bears are beginning to emerge from their dens. Kelsy VonKaenel shot this footage on March 26 in Granby, Connecticut, and as you're about to see, it sure is darn cute.

This mama bear actually has triplets in tow, and after two little ones made it safely across the road, the last cub needed a bit of encouragement and persuasion (If your baby cried like this one does, you'd be quick to lend a hand too!).

Here's the heartwarming footage:

It is a bit concerning that with all the snow still on the ground, finding food might be a bit of a chore. But, bears can be resourceful, and we're sure this family will be just fine in the end.

We still can't get over the size of those cubs. Beyond cute.

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Tiny Bear Cub Cries Out to Mom for Help Crossing the Road