Bear vs Moose
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Bear Pulls Moose Off Road, Stuns Drivers

This bear takes full advantage of an injured moose.

Moose are huge animals. Most people are astounded the first time they see one in person and they realize the stature of these animals is even greater than it appears in most nature documentaries. Once you see one, it makes you wonder how such a huge animal can possibly fall prey to other animals.

In most instances, that sort of things happens when the animal is injured and a nearby predator takes advantage of the situation. Such is the case of this video out of Sweden.

In it, a large moose is laying on the shoulder of the road. When some drivers stop to see what's going on, a huge bear emerges from the forest and drags the moose off the roadway. It's a sight to behold. WARNING: Some images in the video are graphic.

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In case you ever wondered how strong a bear is, this video should give a good idea. That bruin made moving that hefty moose around look like an easy task. This is why you never mess with a large bear!

It seems likely that the moose was injured in a collision with a vehicle and that's why it was laying on the shoulder. It did not fight back like a healthy animal, but rather like one that was already halfway gone. This may seem cruel, but this is the way nature operates. When an animal gets injured, it is always going to be in danger of being picked off by predators.

In this case, it seems the humans in their car scared the bruin off the kill. However, we are betting it returned later to get its fill. It's not often a bear gets such an easy kill of such a huge prey animal, and it's a prime chance to gorge itself without expending a ton of energy.

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