10 Beach Games to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

It is a guaranteed fact that beach days are better with fun beach games to enjoy with the entire crew. Whether your group is full of kiddos or you are headed to the beach with your party crew, this list has beach activities for all ages.

Grab your beach bag. Fill it with beach towels, koozies, sunscreen, and your favorite lawn games transformed into beach games. While you cannot bring your playing cards to the beach, you can partake in the best beach games that we have compiled for you and your beach friends.

10 Best Beach Games for Your Next Coastal Adventure

1. Beach Volleyball

This classic game requires a little more setup than the other games, but it is definitely worth the extra work to enjoy. Bring your volleyball net and volleyball and indulge in some friendly beach volleyball competition. To adjust for kids, get a smaller net and make the court a child-friendly size.

2. Bocce Ball

Beach bocce ball is a hit for the whole family. This portable, kid-friendly bocce ball set from Amazon is affordable and easy to transport in its provided carrying case. It is also glow-in-the-dark for some nighttime fun!

3. Beach Cornhole

Take this beloved bean bag toss game to the beach with this epic combination of a beach chair and a cornhole set. It even turns into an easy-to-carry backpack with storage for the bean bags. This beach game is also a great idea for camping as well.

4. Kan Jam

This top-rated party game is tremendous fun for the whole family. Similar to cornhole, this game offers easy setup and requires teams of two players who alternate throwing the flying disc across the beach to earn 21 points. This set comes with two Kan Jam goals and one frisbee disc.

5. Spikeball

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Spikeball is the perfect beach game and this set comes in a backpack carrying case with all the required materials, including the trampoline and three balls. Easy to play, easy to set up, and easy to break down — you could not ask for a more fun beach game.

6. Sandcastles

It is not a beach day without building sandcastles. Bring the beach toys, shovels, and sandcastle molds to create some one-of-a-kind sand masterpieces. This set is manufactured in the U.S.A. with 100% eco-friendly and recycled materials.

7. Beach Ball

There are endless types of ball games you can play with the standard beach ball. This list has amazing ideas for the whole family, including relays, dodgeball, and categories.

8. BucketBall™

The ultimate outdoor game for beach days, BucketBall™ is similar to beer pong but on a larger scale and suitable for the entire family. This lightweight and portable game weighs less than six pounds for easy transportation on the go.

9. Beer Pong

Very similar to BucketBall™ but for adults-only, this classic party game is a hit for sunny beach days with friends. This portable beer pong set comes with a sturdy table with three adjustable height settings for all types of outdoor adventure. The plus with this set is that provided cups sit inside of the table so that they are not affected by coastal winds. Take this drinking game with you on your next beach trip and you will not be disappointed.

10. Jazzminton Paddle Ball

A take on the game badminton, Jazzminton is a game using paddles and birdies to create an amazing indoor and outdoor game for people of all ages.

11. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe or Checkers

What is better than a game of checkers or tic-tac-toe? A GIANT game of checkers or tic-tac-toe. This beach game is a little harder to transport but if you are committed to the cause, it is undoubtedly worth it. You can use the same pieces to play a giant game of tic-tac-toe. Simply, draw the boundary lines in the sand and you are ready to play!

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