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Be Amazed and Awestruck by These Brutal Tiger Attacks

tiger attacks

Tigers are some of the most fearsome animals on the planet. Their strength and ferocity are evident in this video as they brutally attack and kill.

The speed, power and ease with which tigers attack and kill their prey is mind-bending. The tiger is a proficient killer of whatever beast it sets its sights on, from massive water buffalo and gaur to the elusive deer and even monkeys.

Watch this video and be thankful you'll probably never be the subject of a tiger's hungry interest.

Arguably one of the more disturbing images in this compilation is the tiger carrying a dead monkey around by its head. The big cat killed the primate practically without even trying.

The kill of the wild boar early in the video also reinforces the fact nature is merciless and brutal. The tiger pauses while atop the pig, casually licking at the open wound it delivered to the boar's neck, all while the pig squeals and grunts in helpless terror.

It's interesting that there appears to be no critter off the tiger's menu. The striped predator even attacks and handily dispatches a bear.

Tiger attacks used to take many lives in places like India.

Their beautiful coats and the power they represent caused them to almost be extirpated. We're fortunate to still have these big cats around.

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Be Amazed and Awestruck by These Brutal Tiger Attacks