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Tough Texan Wrestles Wild Boar with Bare Hands [VIDEO]


Watch this guy wrestle an enraged wild boar with nothing but a stick and his bare hands, but only if you don’t mind feeling a little like a sissyboy.

I like to watch videos like this just to remind myself that I’m not as tough or ballsy as I like to think I am. Anybody who will wrestle a wild boar deserves some respect.

This Texan must have a set of brass stones to intentionally tick off an adult wild boar and then grab it head-on and wrestle it into a smaller cage.

You have to be impressed with the strength and agility of both the hog and the man. At one point the hog seems to suplex the guy head over heels in a move that would make an Olympic wrestler envious.

The fellow ends up with his face dangerously close to those razor tusks. In fact, when he finally does get the hog into the smaller pen, he rubs the side of his face. It’s hard to see whether the hog tagged him there or not.

It also didn’t escape our attention that there were several other pigs skittering around in the pen with the two combatants. Nothing like a little controlled chaos to start the day in Texas.

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Tough Texan Wrestles Wild Boar with Bare Hands [VIDEO]