Bay Area Startup Nuro Unveils Self-Driving Electric Delivery Vehicle

A Silicon Valley company has a unique outlook on autonomous electric vehicles.

Last week, 18-month-old startup Nuro unveiled its plans for a new self-driving delivery vehicle. While other autonomous car companies are targeting the ride-hailing market, Nuro is aimed squarely at shipping giants like Amazon and UPS.

Founded in 2016, Nuro is the progeny of two former principal engineers from Google's self-driving car program. Their goal is to create an entirely hands-free self-driving car capable of last-mile deliveries. Backed by over $92 million in venture capital and manned by former Apple, Tesla, and Uber employees, Nuro is ready to take a serious stab at electric delivery cars.

Where other companies like Ford and Toyota have experimented with product delivery using autonomous cars, Nuro is focused on delivery. This has resulted in unique design features, like a lack of side doors.

Options will include refrigeration units, racks, shelves, and other cargo bay amenities.

A release date has not been announced.


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