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Bass Sure Do Love Crawfish, Don't They?!


What do you think bass consider to be a tasty treat? How about crawfish?

If the following video is any indication, bass love these little crustaceans.

YouTuber The Fish Whisperer met up with bass pro Scott Martin to feed his pet bass. That's right. A pond full of bass.

First the duo headed to the store to pick up a 30-pound sack of crawfish. Then, they head to the pond to feed the bass

"We're going to make a 9-pound bass a 29-pound bass," Martin quips.

Right from the first toss, it's apparent how much the bass love them. The freshwater lobster hits the surface of the water and a bass explodes on it.

Then they toss out the crawdads on a hookless lines (on ice-fishing poles). It's fun to watch the strike and the rod bob.

Finally, a handful of the mudbugs tossed into the pond makes the water's surface bubble like a pot on a stove.

However, apparently crawfish aren't too  stupid. The guys leave the bag open, lying on the ground, and the crawfish crawl out--away from the pond.


Bass Sure Do Love Crawfish, Don't They?!