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Crawfish Racing in Louisiana- Yeah, It's a Thing [VIDEO]

You've probably have heard of horse tracks but how about crawfish tracks?

In Louisiana, this crawfish race has everyone cheering.

This aquatic cuisine and fishing bait is also a race track hero.

These crawfish sure can move if they want to. Of course, if they don't want to move they become dinner or bait for better dinner.

This crawfish race in Louisiana has all the excitement of a horse race. This is, of course, minus the large mammals usually used. Insert the aquatic crustaceans and you get some good times and great laughs. Crawfish are a lot easier to care for than horses too.

This summer's cookout can be livened up with a few crawfish. Race those buggers and have a great time, then grill them up and have a great meal.

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Crawfish Racing in Louisiana- Yeah, It's a Thing [VIDEO]