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Do Monster Bass Really Eat Live Crawfish?

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Looking to catch monster bass this fishing season? Better think twice before throwing out a live crawfish.

You name it and I probably have it somewhere inside of my tackle box. From jigs and worms, to spinners and poppers, us bass anglers have just about every trick at the ready when it comes to trying to land a monster bass. When it comes to live bait, shiners and worms usually do the trick, but what about live crawfish?

Watch this awesome underwater GoPro footage to see what happens when these bass come into contact with live crawfish.

If only we had a GoPro with us on every fishing adventure to capture what fish think of different bait. Nice documentary guys, very helpful!

Though live bait is usually viewed as one of the best possible things to throw at monster bass, this video is a great example that live bait isn't always the most useful option.

To help combat the challenges of fishing weary or lazy bass this season, feast your eyes on the Bass Bucket from the team over at Cabela's. With 195 different size, shape and colored worms inside of this giant bucket, there's almost no way that you'll go home without a bite!

For about $20, this just might be one of the most useful buckets of soft bass baits available to diehard anglers. Whoever thought a bucket of worms would be so drool worthy?


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Do Monster Bass Really Eat Live Crawfish?