Baby Mimics Baby Goat in Showdown of Cuteness

When these two kids meet on the farm, no one expects them to speak the same language. 

They're not the same species and their blond hair is the only physical resemblance, but the two youngsters in this video hit it off in a surprising way.

A little girl named Pixie took a special trip to a farm with her mom. The toddler seemed to enjoy seeing the sights and sounds of the farm from the comfort of her mother's hip, but her favorite part of the tour was obviously meeting the baby goats.

Called "kids," baby goats are naturally sweet, smart, and comical. They're notorious for getting into trouble, and like a lot of human toddlers, their big personalities are packed into adorably small packages. At only a few weeks old, the kid Pixie meets on the farm showcases something else they have in common.

While cows moo and pigs oink, goats bleat. The sound is often confused with a crying human child, and thanks to Pixie's imitation, we can see why. As soon as the baby goat makes a noise, Pixie responds in the same language.

It's hard to tell what sound is coming from the toddler and what is coming from the goat. They go back and forth as if having a conversation, and the adults in the group can't help but laugh at the unusual interaction.

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This article was originally published February 19, 2018.

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