baby mako

This Baby Mako Gets Some Air While Hooked on the Fly

You wouldn't think a baby mako would jump like this! 

On a recent fishing trip to San Diego, Mike Malchow, the operations manager of Walton Rods, hooked into a baby mako shark that fought like a 500 pounder. As you are about to see, the shark circles the boat as the fly is presented. Then, after a quick hookset, the fight is on. Like battling all mako sharks on the fly, you just never know what you are going to get.

This shark got some air.

Pretty cool, right? Not every shark that gets hooked jumps like that, but a lot do. On that same trip, it was reported that a shark about three times that size never once left the water during the entire 20 minute fight.

If you ever get the chance to go chase mako sharks on the fly, do it. You can say it's an opportunity that you shouldn't pass up. A lot of logistics normally has to come into play on a trip like this, but when it all works out, it's the trip of a lifetime.